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We provide a house-sitting and pet care service - all-in-one - we move into your home and care for your pet/s - mainly aimed at the dog owning household, however, we have looked after small pets/livestock i.e chickens, ducks, small mammals in cages - aquariums and ponds. Ponies and Pot bellied pigs... so please get in touch with any house-sitting inquiry to see if we can help.

Our dog accompanies us on our house-sitting assignments so this is only possible if you and your pets are compliant and happy with this (sociable with other dogs)
We have many repeat customers and take bookings in advance up to 12 months ahead.

Benefits of a house-sitter...
we will keep your home as you left it.
water gardens, plants, veg
set alarms and occupy your home
exercise dogs as required,
dogs are not left for more than 5 hours,
puppy's no more than 3 hours.
Bring in post and parcels.
follow procedures and deal with any emergency should the need arise.

Regular walks are included in the house-sitting fee.

Dogs that are sociable and energetic can accompany us on any other daily walks as well.

We will follow your routine for Feeding and Cleaning out any outdoor pets in enclosures such as Chickens / Ducks.
Rabbits/Guinea Pigs etc.
Please note: We are unable to house-sit for cats as unfortunately "Pebbles" our dog isn't social with cats!! (chases them)
We do,however, provide cat care visits as an alternative - see our Pet Visits section.

Having a House-sitter means minimum stress for your Dog/s as they are kept in the home environment and their normal routine will be followed as closely as possible in regard to feeding, exercise, medication and of course plenty of fuss, cuddles and play if wanted.
House-sitting fees are calculated on an individual basis depending on the location, specific requirements for your pet/s and the length of stay. Please contact us via our inquiry form for more information.