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Pet Visits - Company and Comfort

We will visit your small pet/s (e.g Dogs,Cats,Rabbits,Chickens) once or twice daily to provide "pop-in" care. feeding, cleaning, garden visits for elderly dog/puppy - fuss and play if wanted.

We have also looked after some of the more unusual pets over the years including..Sugar Gliders, African Pygmy Hedgehogs,Garter Snake, Parrots, Ducks, Ponies and Pot bellied Pigs to name a few, so we are always happy to discuss the care needs of your pet/s to see if it's something we can help out with whilst your away.

Pet "pop in visits" consist of feeding, administering any medication, fuss, play, cleaning litter trays/cages and any accidents. Bringing in post, close/open curtains, watering, putting out rubbish for collection day. All of this will be discussed on our initial meeting with you.

We will feed the fish as well:)

Snowie and Pixie, cute bunnies.

Growing Tortoises enjoying some salad.

We move in to your home to care for your pets - ideal if your dog/s don't like being kennelled as they are kept in their normal routine and environment.
Please get in touch with us via our Contact Form for any inquiries about House-sitting or Pet visits and we will be happy to advise on our availability and give a personal quote for your pet/s individual requirements, then if you wish we can arrange to meet with you and your pet/s to discuss in person.